What a Beautiful Day, the Beginning of a New Adventure

Today the sun beamed down all day. It is 5.30 in the evening and almost December; the last golden rays are spreading over the patio. We have spent the afternoon on the beach, whilst people strolled by often scantily clad also enjoying the freedom of the warm weather.

Our new life; winters in the sun, in Spain has begun. I must say I have been neglecting my readers as we have been settling into our new home for the past three weeks. We have been painting walls railings and generally tidying up, as it had been empty for a couple of years.

Prices seem to be just on the upward turn, we purchased at the right time, and we have a bargain; a mile from one beach and a couple of miles from another, it was here we spent the afternoon. We also have an airport 4 miles away and another an hours drive north along the coast road.